Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance

Every day we grow more dependent on online and internet based technology to keep our businesses running efficiently, our privileged information private, and our communications flowing almost instantly.  But what happens when hacking or human error make you liable for exposing your clients’ private information to those looking to exploit them? How will you handle the Public Relations nightmare, damage to your organizations’ reputation, and loss of your clients’ trust?

Mackey and Mackey Insurance has access to specialized Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance coverage that will allow you to respond quickly to a possible breach of your businesses electronic security measures.  A Cyber Liability policy may provide coverage for expenses you incur because of:

  • Unauthorized Access to Privileged Information
  • Theft of Digital Assets
  • Privacy Breach including damages for HIPAA violations
  • Human Error
  • Malicious Code and Viruses
  • Customer Notification Expenses
  • Public Relations Expenses

Contact Mackey and Mackey Insurance to find out more about protecting your business from the potentially devastating effects of a breach of your vital information systems.