Directors & Officers Liability

Vital Coverage for the Protection of your Organization

Whether your business is a small non-profit agency, a homeowner’s association, or a multi-million dollar corporation, your Board of Directors have a large list of important duties and responsibilities. The Board must bear the burden of guiding the organization through difficult economic times, all the while maintaining the highest level of dedication and fiduciary responsibility.

But even the most successfully managed and forthright organizations will sometimes come under attack. Whether it is from a disgruntled employee, a shareholder that feels the company is being mismanaged, or a third-party making claims of negligence, your Board of Directors needs to know they are protected. With a Directors & Officers Liability policy from Mackey and Mackey, your Board can rest assured that they will be covered for the tough decisions they are called upon to make.

Some common coverage features that Directors & Officers can expect to see on a policy from Mackey and Mackey include:

  • Reimbursement for Attorney’s fees and associated legal expenses
  • Coverage for claims relating to discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination
  • Protection for Directors & Officers personal assets
  • Optional Fiduciary Liability when the Board is involved in managing the organization’s benefits plan
  • High limits of coverage with a manageable deductible

So, help protect the peace of mind of your Board of Directors by consulting a professional from Mackey and Mackey. We can provide you with the coverage your organization needs to protect the hard working officers and directors striving to make your business a success.